In this episode Laura Camacho interviews communication expert Mala Subramaniam, author of Beyond Wins. Mala takes the whole concept of negotiating and reframes from the most strategic, introvert-friendly point of view.

Laura and Mala geek out on all things persuasion, success and relationship oriented, sharing the following:

– The difference between a winning mindset and a success mindset and which one takes you farther

– How get your mind clear before a scary meeting

– A broader, more useful way of defining what it means to negotiate

– The most dangerous emotion and what to do about it

– How she teaches Asian Indians to work well with U.S. Americans (hint: sometimes they mistake our directness for rudeness)

– What we need communication-wise to get past COVID-19

Get your copy of Mala’s book, Beyond Wins: Eastern Mindset for Success in Daily Business Negotiations.

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Mala Subramaniam interviewed by Laura Camacho, Mixonian